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I guarantee The Gold Coast's best price on custom made jewellery and diamond engagement rings .The Diamond Vault offers genuine low prices with a guarantee to beat any competitor's price. 

That means you receive the best quality and prices available.

It's my promise to you. 

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We work directly with diamond manufacturers and sell directly to our customers.
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Certified Diamonds

At the Diamond Vault GC, we source quality diamonds directly from cutters all around the world

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Expert Craftsmen

We have Jewellers and Diamond Setters onsite to produce custom pieces that are simply stunning.

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Value for Money

Our international network allows us to buy diamonds closer to the source and pass the savings on to you.


Whether it is an engagement ring, anniversary present or a birthday gift, we understand your gift comes with a special significance.

We will help you select the right piece to suit both your budget and and your wishes.

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YES!! All white gold is an alloy of pure 24ct yellow gold. 

So it is natural to assume that it has a yellow tinge. 

Rhodium plating is a process which gives the white gold its lets white colour by placing a coating over the metal. 

Clean, Polish and Rhodium Plate Service $90

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